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Rukundo Ikawa is shipping gourmet coffee around the World

Hello, World! It's not your first line of code... It's just a french Bonjour, english Hello, or burundian Mwaramutse to all of our readers. Welcome to Rukundo Ikawa Gourmet online coffee store. We offer you excellent single origin speciality coffees from Africa, in particular East Africa and Great Lakes region. The project started in 2013 when visiting Washing stations in Kayanza (Burundi) and Butare (Rwanda) and became reality in 2021 with our online store: . Rukundo Ikawa Gourmet has speciality coffees from Kayanza, north province of Burundi, Africa.

Burundi has been producing an outstanding and high quality Arabica coffee since 1930. Varietals such as Jackson and Bourbon are widely available. Today, we are happy to announce, we can ship coffee around the world. We added UK Post Office international standards costs to our products.

Three exceptional coffees named:

  • Early Kare (2144): Sweet, syrupy, with a nice mix of red fruit, floral, brown sugar

  • Celebration Kaze (2145): Fruity, tea notes with a round acidity and a silky body

  • Love Rukundo (11179): Bright, juicy distinct grape fruity, blackberry notes with a satiny, full body

Each product is offered in 250 grams bag.

An option for 1 Kg bag exists for customers including Coffee Shops, Restaurants or Delicatessen.

You can order from our online store: You can write to us if you are a business interested in Rukundo premium coffee or you want to order specific quantities monthlyby using our contact e-mail:

Africa has hidden gems like Burundi, Rwanda and Great Lakes region with one of the best selection of speciality coffees. We work closely with our suppliers of green coffee who make sure your coffee meet the strict standards of Speciality coffees and provide the best senory and mouthful experiences.

Rukundo Coffee Gourmet, Single Origin

Subscribe to get your monthly favourite coffee:

Subscription gives you benefits as it comes with a discount and you will be the first to know about new products arrival before anyone. You get also tips and refreshing stories to learn more about speciality coffees.

You can also buy one of each as one-time purchase before picking up your favourite coffee.

Rukundo means Love in Kirundi, language from Burundi. Kinyarwanda from Rwanda is very similar to Kirundi and citizens of these countries do not need translation to speak to each other.

Burundi produces one of the best Arabica Bourbon coffee because the plant enjoys ideal volcanic soil rich in nitrogen, rainfall above 1,200mm per year and high altitude between 1,800 and 1,900 meters above sea level. These conditions are met in Kavumu, Magamba and Rwintare hills part of Kayanza province located in the North of Burundi. Kayanza has also common border with Rwanda in the North.

Love, Rukundo, Amour, Amor, 爱, 愛, Upendo, αγάπη, uthando, ihunanya, الحب, אהבה, kärlek, محبت, प्यार, ife, liefde

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