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Why Rukundo chose Speciality coffee from Burundi?

Burundi is a country located in the heart of Africa. Burundi is known as the country of milk and honey or one and thousand hills country. The mountains of Burundi and it's luxurious nature reminds Switzerland for tourists.

Some people think Burundi is Zamunda from Coming to America movie with the famous actor Eddie Murphy. Others think Burundi is Wakanda, the kingdom of T'Challa, the Black panther. Explorers of the Nile discovered Burundi had the southern source of the Nile. A pyramid was built at this place.

Many people never heard about Burundi. They often ask: "is it a country?" Or "where is located in Africa?".

Burundi is located between RDC (former Congo or Zaïre), Tanzania and Rwanda. Burundi shares Lake Tanganyika waters with his neighbouring countries including Zambia.

Burundi has a rich volcanic soil, rainforest such as Kibira in the North where you find Kayanza province and a lot of rivers and many spring sources. Arabica coffee grows in high altitude regions from 1,000 meters to 2,200 meters above sea level where the perfect conditions are met for Arabica such as Red Bourbon varietal.

Burundi has a long tradition of producing speciality coffee. Farmers have been growing coffee for generations. Coffee growers and processing companies called washing stations keep innovating and perfecting the art of excellent coffee.

Specialty coffees require strict protocol and quality control. Processing methods such as Fully washed, honey and natural are used. Some washing stations started to produced natural yeast fermented coffee which unlock more flavours and taste profiles.

Rukundo Ikawa Gourmet's mission is to select with Q graders and Q processing instructors, the best coffees with the best cup profiles. We work collaboratively with our suppliers to ensure a fair price and best conditions for the farmers.

You want to know more about coffee processing? Please contact us on

We invite you to buy our speciality coffees because they offer a better alternative to commercial coffees, low quality from supermarkets and some big coffee shops chains. Our difference is transparency, clear coffee grade (notes above 85 only) and clear cup profile. The more you adopt speciality coffee from Burundi, the more you contribute to help us paying more our farmers and allow them to benefit from the coffee business.

All our coffees use organic fertilisers. We will work with our suppliers to obtain certifications in the futur.

Visit and take Burundian speciality coffee to drink at home or at your office. Share with friends and family. Rediscover the real taste of coffee.

With Love (Rukundo),

Rukundo Ikawa Gourmet ☕❤️🇧🇮🌍

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